How to Deal with Family Problems during the Holidays

The holidays are a time where most families come together to celebrate the end of the year with various feasts and the exchanging of gifts. However, some people aren’t fortunate enough to have the good times and cheery days that the rest of us get to have. It can be frustrating and disheartening to have... Read More »

Father Son Family Love Story must Read

If this is what it takes The day my dad died was the happiest day of my life: This is what I had always pictured myself saying to my kids if they were to ask me about my father, their grandfather, one day. I never had the father son relationship you see on the silver... Read More »

Traditions and Values in non Religious Families

In our home we have a few Christmas holiday traditions that we share together. Some traditions we brought into our marriage from our growing up years. There is even a new one that we started with our children so that perhaps some day they will continue it with their children as well. The main tradition that we... Read More »

Ways to Avoid Family Meltdown

The holiday time is regarded by all as a period of joyous moments, fondness, harmony and family togetherness. Nevertheless, with the anxiety and apprehensions of the Christmas holiday season, it’s not shocking to experience family meltdowns because even the closest of family relatives is bound to have its irritable times. Learn how to avoid family... Read More »

How to Avoid Family Meltdowns during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for celebration and good cheer. However, a busy schedule packed with many different activities can be a little overwhelming for some. All the added excitement leaves little time for rest, which can lead to tiredness. Over-tiredness can cause agitation, which can leave the family feeling fraught and this can... Read More »

What’s more Important your Career or your Family

Dear Dr. Philippa, I’ve almost completed my Master’s degree in music, and I’ve been awarded a fellowship in Saltzburg, Germany. This should be the happiest time of my life, but I’m crying myself to sleep every night. I’ve wanted to go to Saltzburg every since I was a little girl. But now I don’t know... Read More »

Family and Feelings – Yes

Is Blood Thicker Than Water? Yes, blood is thicker than water. There are family members who ridicule you and leave you to feel that you are less than a person. The strong-willed, strong-minded person will continue to love those family members. If those people had been a casual acquaintance the comments might not have even... Read More »

Holiday Traditions for Small Families

While I’m sure many of us long for the type of Holiday season as depicted in the works of Norman Rockwell and the like, the fact is, today’s family unit, in most cases, just does not support the desire. In today’s North America, the family unit has decreased in size, and even many of the... Read More »

Mother Daughter Role Reversals

My daughter walked into our house the other evening to pick up the grandbaby. Upon seeing my efforts on decorating our Christmas tree, she pointed out that it “looked kind of bare”. The next day my husband came home bearing gifts from my daughter. I excitedly opened the bag, and pulled out two boxes of... Read More »

How to help your Spouse Make a Smooth Transition into Retirement

Retirement is often touted as “The golden years,” but many who have reached that pinnacle might refute that glowing description. Retirement presents many challenges and concerns surrounding finances, health and the question, “Now, what do I do with the rest of my life.?” Some embrace the notion of no more deadlines and demands controlling their... Read More »

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